Comparing different options for DVI-D to VGA Video Signal Conversion

Even though most people don’t give VGA a second thought any more, there are still plenty of VGA projectors and displays scattered throughout the corporate world. Whether the new computer comes with HDMI or Display Port, it is almost guaranteed to still have a DVI port and converting DVI-D to VGA is more cost effective than any other digital to analog converter.

DVI-D to VGA Video Converter, SCA-DVI-ANA Image

DVI-D to VGA Video Converter

There are two different DVI-D to VGA converter options available. The most common type that KVMSwitchTech sells is a SCA-DVI-ANA. It is a simple dongle that comes with a pre-programmed resolution. It supports a wide range of video resolutions (WUXGA|1900×1200|, UXGA|1600×1200|,SXGA|1280×1024|, XGA|1024×768|, SVGA |800×600|, VGA|640×480|), and some wide screen formats but you do need to specify the needed resolution. This works just fine in most situations, but for uses where the resolutions may have to change from display to display a better option is the SCA-DVI-ANA-UN. This converter has dip-switches that allow the user to specify from a wide range of resolutions and is ideal for use in situations when the resolution may not be known before hand.

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