HDMI Rackmount LCD Monitor Keyboard Solutions

With the prevalence of HDMI video connectors on most of the devices and computers the demand of HDMI Rackmount Monitor Keyboards has been steadily increasing. There are a wide range of 1U HDMI Rackmount Monitor and Keyboard solutions available on the market. The latest and greatest is the 1U 17” Widescreen HDMI, DVI-D and VGA 1080p High Resolution 1920 x 1080 Rackmount Monitor Keyboard.

1U 17

1U 17″ WideScreen HDMI and DVI-D 1080p High Resolution 1920 x 1080 Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer with combo USB and PS2 Interface Touchpad. Source- KVMSwitchTech

What makes this product great is the full 1080p video resolution support. Some of the key features are Mac and Sun Keyboard options with hot key support, short depth design 480 mm (18.9 Inches) deep, 104-key keyboard with either touchpad or trackball and new enhanced aesthetics with molded front handle. There are some other options available as well like the 17”, 19” and 20” Rackmount Monitor Keyboard combos with HDMI and VGA connectors. The limitation with these units is that the 17” and 19” units only support up to 1280 x1024 video resolutions and the 20” unit supports 1600×1200 video resolutions. So depending on your application and needs you can choose which of these products that best fits your application.

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