Powered HDMI Splitter and Extender Solutions

HDMI Splitters are just the latest in a long line of video splitter products used for sharing an image across multiple displays. This is useful for scenarios such as signage solutions in stores; sharing a single TV input in a home; or collaborative meetings in large groups.

KVMSwitchTech's 2 Port 3D HDMI Splitter image

2 Port 3D HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitters come in a variety of configurations and functionality. The simplest is a 2 port splitter like the HDMI-2P-3D. This splitter provides a mirrored image with support for key features such as EDID, HDCP and 3D. This is a powered unit so there is no video signal degradation.

KVMSwitchTech's 4 Port HDMI Splitter Extender over CAT5/6 UTP Cable Pic

4 Port HDMI Splitter Extender over CAT5/6 UTP Cable

Other HDMI Splitters incorporate both a splitter and extender for transmitting HDMI signals over distances beyond the reach of a standard HDMI Cable. This is accomplished by converting the signal to transmit it over standard Category 5e/6 cables. One very important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Splitter / Extender product is that every extended output must have a receiver to convert the cable back to HDMI. A good example of an HDMI Splitter Extender is the HDMI-CATSP-8 (8 Port Splitter Extender) which is a kit that includes all the necessary receivers.

8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch 3D with Digital Audio, Infra Red Remote, RS232 and TCP/IP Control

The premium line of splitters would incorporate a Matrix Switcher. The HD-MTX-88-A allows a signal to be broadcast to 8 different displays while also allowing the audio to be split out for projection through a high end audio system. Matrix Switchers also allow a user to use multiple video sources to any of the displays. They incorporate advanced control options such as TCP/IP telnet, RS232, and IR remote control.

Regardless of the complexity of the installation and budget, there is a HDMI Splitter available to meet any need. KVMSwitchTech’s representatives can help configure a solution based on customer specifications.

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