Which should I use DVI-D to VGA or VGA to DVI-D?

DVI-D to VGA converters connect new technology like a new DVD or Bluray player to aged equipment that have only VGA functionality such as an older monitor or projector.  DVI-D to VGA can be handled with several options.

DVI-D to VGA Converter

DVI-D to VGA Converter

The first is a device like the SCA-DVI-ANA. The SCA-DVI-ANA is a scalar converter dongle with a maximum resolution of 1920×1200.  The resolution is factory set to a specific resolution and once set cannot be changed.  For situations with variable resolutions, the SCA-DVI-ANA-UN is a simple device with dip switches which allow users to define the resolution based on the current installation.  These devices eliminate the need to buy new monitors and can be vital for installations with integrated locked down hardware.

Conversely, VGA to DVI-D converters upgrade analog video signals to digital, this is more likely to occur in timeworn infrastructure settings.  Quality analog to digital converters can automatically detect and display and output the correct VGA resolution on the digital DVI monitor.  The SCA-VGA-DVI has dual outputs (one VGA loop and one DVI-D Single link)which enables user to connect one VGA monitor and one DVI-D single link monitor for dual monitor applications.  This is also handy for confirming that the converter is getting a signal from the VGA source.  These devices also have a maximum resolution of 1920×1200. You can order DVI-D to VGA Video Converters online at KVMSwitchTech.

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