Features of DVI Matrix Switches and Benefits of Using DVI Switchers

A DVI Matrix allows for the interchange of multiple digital video sources to multiple displays. A DVI Video matrix switch allows a single video source to be shared with multiple displays, or for multiple sources to be distributed to many different displays.  They are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 4×4 up to 64×64. Unlike the old VGA Matrix Switchers, DVI Matrix Switches take advantage of the digital video capabilities of modern machinery.  Any device with a DVI port can be connected to a DVI Matrix Switch from a DVD player or computer as a video source to high definition OLED displays and digital projectors as outputs.

DVI Matrix Switches can be controlled using front panel push buttons, but the real value is in the use of remote management.  Quality switches support a range of management options including RS232 or Ethernet based TCP/IP interfaces, but they also commonly use an included infra-red remote control to allow simple input/output manipulation.  These control options allow DVI Matrix Switchers to remain out of sight while also allowing them to be powerful presentation game changers in commercial, gaming, government, business and school environments where seamless collaboration is a necessity.


These high quality DVI Matrix Switches are not restricted to board rooms but can frequently be found in educational and scientific institutes, as well as in restaurants, and other facilities that need to connect audio/video equipment. Matrix units are also used in offices to make a multi-functioning video conferencing or computer command station.

While the advent of internet shopping allows a DVI Matrix Switch to be purchased almost anywhere these days, not all internet shops are created equal.  For some of the most affordable video matrix products online, check out www.KVMSwitchTech.com or contact their friendly support team at 866-865-7737 to help choose which device is best for you. Their dedicated staff is familiar with the equipment they sell and respond quickly to queries.  Unlike many web companies, quality technical support is quickly available which is focused on providing accurate solutions to your technical/non-technical and product installation related queries.

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