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When you are running a large enterprise, sometimes it can be difficult to unify every monitor on the floor in the same vision. Sometimes, you need a device which will allow you to present the same image you are seeing on your monitor to a different monitor hundreds, even thousands, of feet away. If you require this kind of power to increase your range, you should look into purchasing a DVI extender.

What Do They Do?
Extenders, especially unshielded Cat5 DVI extenders, are particularly useful tools for increasing the range of your business’s video capabilities. They enable you to connect your computer monitor to every other monitor on the floor over a single UTP cable. Operating on a point-to-point basis, they always come in pairs: one to transmit data from your monitor and one to receive at the other end of the UTP.

Perks of using a DVI Extender
DVI video extenders can be used with either Cat5 or Cat6 cable; and although Cat6 extenders are more powerful, as they are capable of higher resolution, the Cat5 option is not to be underestimated. It can extend a video network up to 220 feet for either Cat5 or Cat6 unshielded cables. The DVI extender can also be combined with a DVI Matrix Switch, which relays the same image to multiple locations, and a DVI Splitter unit, which allows for two monitors to perform the same task, for even more complicated tasks, fusing a number of computers into a versatile video network. Many CAT5 DVI extenders are used in multimedia and advertising, as the same image can be displayed on multiple surfaces without a loss in quality or data. Some other areas where a DVI extender can be utilized are in the surveillance industry and for large conferences.

Ask About Us
CAT5 DVI extenders can range in price anywhere from $300 to nearly $1000 depending on feature set, extension distance and its transmission capabilities. Check out our listings at KVMSwitchTech to find out more information about CAT5 DVI extenders and see for yourself which ones work best for you.

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