HDMI Multiviewers and Its Benefits for Broadcasting

Multiviewers have become a standard piece of hardware equipment in the broadcast, video monitoring and digital signage workspace. There are a wide range of multiviewer options available depending on your specific application. There are simple dual and quad split units to large scale systems that facilitate video routing and monitoring functions. Here is an overview HDMI Multiviewers as most of devices these days are offered with HDMI connectors.

A basic Quad HDMI Multiviewer allows you to simultaneously display real time HDMI signals from four HDMI sources on a single HDMI LCD or TV. This unit displays video sources in quad, PiP or full screen mode. You can extend the output up to 250ft away over a single CAT5e/6/7 cable.

HDMI Multiviewer with real time viewing and TCP/IP Control can be conveniently configured and controlled for quad or picture-in-picture video routing and processing. It allows up to four different HDMI input sources to be selected and arranged on one single display with supporting resolution up to 1080p for inputs and outputs. It offers screen setting hot keys with Infra Red and RS-232 to control and switch to the output display.

HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer with Real Time Viewing and Quad KVM Switch simultaneously displays four analog (VGA) or digital computers (DVI/HDMI) video sources on a single screen. It supports real time, live and fluid Video performance at full refresh rates without frame dropping. Each input video can be resized and repositioned anywhere on the display. Computer sources can be controlled with a single keyboard and mouse or with a touch screen. Additionally, the transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix allows switching of USB devices like printers, memory sticks or fingerprint readers to all computers. HDMI-Audio with 7.1 surround sound is also supported. The implementation of HDCP ensures full compliance with multimedia computers, video and blue ray players, displays and projectors. These multiviewer units can be cascaded to support more than four video inputs on a single display.

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