8×8 HDMI Matrix Switchers for Installations That Require Higher Flexibility and Expansion

While 4×2 and 4×4 HD Matrix Switchers are usually sufficient for SOHO installations, integrators and installers for larger enterprise and hospitality operations frequently find that their needs exceed the limits of 4 HD sources and 4 HD displays. An 8×8 HDMI Matrix can provide a great middle ground for installations that require flexibility and expandability in their presentation options.

Among some of the great features available in larger matrix switchers are the standard IR remote controls, push button control, RS232 integration, but also remote control through a TCP/IP interface. 8×8 HDMI matrix switches generally see installations with displays much more widely dispersed which can lead to the need for HDMI extenders. Several models are available with integrated HDBaseT extenders for each output. This allows the HDTV or projector to be located as much as 100 meters (330ft) from the matrix switch. Some of the 8×8 HDMI Router Matrix units with HDBaseT support come with HDMI and HDBaseT outputs allowing the ports to be mirrored for a maximum of 16 outputs. Each HDBaseT receiver also includes a local zoning remote for switching sources. The newest version of these Matrix units comes with 4Kx2K and 3D video as well as providing Audio Return Channel support and S/PDIF audio outputs for interfacing with surround sound systems.

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