Rackmount Keyboard – A Dream Product for IT Administrators

With the rapidly changing trends in technology, there is always something new to grab or update yourself with. From LCD monitors, to laptops; from laptops to tablets the advancements and innovations are mind boggling.
These technological upgrades are not confined to computers only. There has been a rapid rise in the upheaval of all the tech gadgets and its associated accessories for example, the keyboard. One might get surprised that even a typing device could have such amazing traits. The Rackmount keyboard drawer solution in 1U rack space, is one of the most popular products for commercial, government, military, and IT applications.
Why Rackmount Keyboard?
A rackmount keyboard is a combination of trackball or touchpad mouse with a keyboard in 1U or 2U rack space. It can be easily installed into the 19” standard racks. It takes up very little space as it can be folded and stowed away when not in use. This unit is available in a variety of designs as per demand and need of customers. It is typically used in applications where a separate video monitor is required.
This stylish keyboard has been designed keeping in mind the ever-changing trends of the market. For touchpad style keyboards, rackmount keyboards come with padded wrist rests. One of its remarkable features is the metallic locking side rails. The locking feature prevents the movement of keyboard when in use. These are easily adjustable, lockable and are extremely light. Compatible with a variety of operation systems, these keyboards are installed and accessed effortlessly. One will find it as the most cost effective solution as it consumes less power.

What’s more to it?
Another notable feature worth mentioning here is its adaptability. It can be easily secured in a standard 19” server rack. And guess what? Rackmount keyboards provide the option of more than one language selection too! Pretty cool.
Rackmount Keyboard with integrated KVM Switch enable IT users to access up to 128 servers as they can be daisy chained together. A flat screen Rackmount LCD monitor can be placed with this keyboard in the same server rack if needed. The shelf saving feature clears up the rack in no time also preventing from any sort of theft.

In a Nutshell
Owing to its many features, such as low power consumption, limited space, lightweight and easy to handle; the Rackmount Keyboard is becoming a new rage of tech town among business facilities, military training services and especially IT industries. It is sturdy, compact and durable, which makes it the best choice for its consumers. If you want to invest smart, upgrade your IT gadgets to the latest trends and get Rackmount Keyboard today!

KVMSwitchTech is a global supplier of Rackmount Keyboard and Mouse technology. Headquartered near Cleveland, Ohio, the company is built on a strong core of dedicated people who have combined experience of multiple decades with KVM equipment. Their courteous staff can be reached through email and phone(866-865-7737) with no need to navigate frustrating phone menus. They are readily available and very capable of helping plan a project from start to finish.

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