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Powered HDMI Splitter and Extender Solutions

HDMI Splitters are just the latest in a long line of video splitter products used for sharing an image across multiple displays. This is useful for scenarios such as signage solutions in stores; sharing a single TV input in a home; or collaborative meetings in large groups.

KVMSwitchTech's 2 Port 3D HDMI Splitter image

2 Port 3D HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitters come in a variety of configurations and functionality. The simplest is a 2 port splitter like the HDMI-2P-3D. This splitter provides a mirrored image with support for key features such as EDID, HDCP and 3D. This is a powered unit so there is no video signal degradation.

KVMSwitchTech's 4 Port HDMI Splitter Extender over CAT5/6 UTP Cable Pic

4 Port HDMI Splitter Extender over CAT5/6 UTP Cable

Other HDMI Splitters incorporate both a splitter and extender for transmitting HDMI signals over distances beyond the reach of a standard HDMI Cable. This is accomplished by converting the signal to transmit it over standard Category 5e/6 cables. One very important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Splitter / Extender product is that every extended output must have a receiver to convert the cable back to HDMI. A good example of an HDMI Splitter Extender is the HDMI-CATSP-8 (8 Port Splitter Extender) which is a kit that includes all the necessary receivers.

8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch 3D with Digital Audio, Infra Red Remote, RS232 and TCP/IP Control

The premium line of splitters would incorporate a Matrix Switcher. The HD-MTX-88-A allows a signal to be broadcast to 8 different displays while also allowing the audio to be split out for projection through a high end audio system. Matrix Switchers also allow a user to use multiple video sources to any of the displays. They incorporate advanced control options such as TCP/IP telnet, RS232, and IR remote control.

Regardless of the complexity of the installation and budget, there is a HDMI Splitter available to meet any need. KVMSwitchTech’s representatives can help configure a solution based on customer specifications.

Comparing different HDMI Extender Solutions

HDMI is one of the most commonly used connectors on devices these days. All the hi-definition multimedia devices like video gaming consoles, play stations, X-box, blue ray players, DVD players, and AV HD camcorders come with HDMI interface. There are numerous applications that call for long Range HDMI signal extensions. If you are looking for signal transmission to longer distances you will need Cat5 HDMI Extender solutions to extend a HDMI signal several hundred feet. The kit included a transmitter and receiver unit and the cable used between these units is standard Cat5e/6 cable.

Option 1

If you are looking to extend HDMI video Signal up to 150 ft you can used a standard HDMI extender that extends over a standard Cat5e/6 cable. KVMSwitchTech offers Part # HDMI-1CATHD that also has a HDMI output on the transmitter unit to connect a local HDMI monitor if needed. It is recommended you use a solid Cat6 cable for optimal video quality.

Option 2

If you are looking to extend an HDMI signal up to 330ft you will need an HDBaseT HDMI Extender for long distance HDMI signal transmission. With the HDBaseT solution you can use a standard extender that supports 3D and video resolutions up to 1080P. If the application calls for POE (Power over Ethernet) you can use a unit that supports POE. If you need bi-directional IR and RS232 there is a different unit that can be used. Depending on needed features and functionality you can choose from a wide range of different options available at KVMSwitchTech.

Option 3

If you need to extend a HDMI signal up to 1000 ft the only option is to use a Fiber Optic HDMI Extender.

KVMSwitchTech's HDMI Fiber Optic Extender up to 1000ft image

HDMI Fiber Optic Extender up to 1000ft

KVMSwitchTech’s HDMIFOEXT-1000, HDMI Fiber Optic Extender allows signal transmission based on HDMI standard by optical transmission technology. Some of the key features are High speed and long  distance transmission using 1 channel SC type multi-mode optical fiber cable, video resolution support up to HDTV/1080P, PC/WUXGA (1920 x 1200).