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KVMSwitchTech’s HDMI Multiviewer Solutions

If you are looking for a solution which is easy to configure for a picture-in-picture video processing then KVMSwitchTech’s HDMI-PIP-4, HDMI Quad screen real time viewer is exactly what you need. It allows you to select between four different HDMI sources and display the one you want over a single display in high resolution.

HDMI-PIP-4P- HDMI Quad Screen Real Time Multiviewer with Telnet TCP/IP Control

Common features
• It supports video resolutions up to 1080p and audio signals of 8Ch 192kHz for both inputs and output.
• It allows you to switch between the channels very smoothly without delay.
• Can be controlled with OSD (On screen display), RS232 control, IR (Infra Red Control) and TCP/IP control.
• You can easily zoom in and zoom out.
• The HDMI multiviewer supports PIP, POP, and multi-window displays as well.
• It allows you to adjust individual channel size and position
• It offers ESD protection as well of ±8kV (air-gap discharge) / ±4kV (contact-gap discharge)

Key functions
HDMI Multiviewer solution allows you to display one of the four available HDMI sources in whatever way you want. You can either rotate the screen to 90° left and right or 180° up and down or zoom it at whatever frequency you want. It also allows you to fade in and out the image you are displaying on the screen. The control keys let you mirror the display as well. You also have an option to choose from the 8 screen setting hot keys and 4 screen setting options for your customized favourites so that you can display the image in the required format.
Is it heavy?
Well, with all its functions you might think it to be but it is not. The HDMI multiviewer weighs only a little over 5lbs. It is made up of light-weight aluminium to make sure that the final product is not heavy at all.
Is it too big?
The designers made sure that the multiviewer is packed with functions without being too big or heavy. Its compact size allows you to place it anywhere you want in a server rack. With dimensions of 17×6.8×1.73 inches, it is a perfect multi-viewing solution.
How much does it cost?
Originally these multi-viewing display solution costs around $3999 USD. Nowadays, however, you can find it at much lower prices. Costing around $1500, it is a solution you wouldn’t want to miss out at any cost.
Where can it be used?
You can use it for displaying, monitoring and even surveillance purposes. The fact that it supports 1080p HD display with audio, makes it a perfect product. HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer, HDMI-PIP-4P is a perfect multi-viewing solution. It is a high performance and high speed device which makes the switching between the multiple displays smooth and quick.

KVMSwitchTech is a global supplier of HDMI Multiviewers and Digital Signage technology. Headquartered near Hudson, Ohio, the company is built on a strong core of dedicated people who have combined experience of multiple decades. Their courteous staff can be reached through email and phone with no need to navigate frustrating phone menus. They are readily available and very capable of helping plan a project from start to finish.

Rackmount Keyboard – A Dream Product for IT Administrators

With the rapidly changing trends in technology, there is always something new to grab or update yourself with. From LCD monitors, to laptops; from laptops to tablets the advancements and innovations are mind boggling.
These technological upgrades are not confined to computers only. There has been a rapid rise in the upheaval of all the tech gadgets and its associated accessories for example, the keyboard. One might get surprised that even a typing device could have such amazing traits. The Rackmount keyboard drawer solution in 1U rack space, is one of the most popular products for commercial, government, military, and IT applications.
Why Rackmount Keyboard?
A rackmount keyboard is a combination of trackball or touchpad mouse with a keyboard in 1U or 2U rack space. It can be easily installed into the 19” standard racks. It takes up very little space as it can be folded and stowed away when not in use. This unit is available in a variety of designs as per demand and need of customers. It is typically used in applications where a separate video monitor is required.
This stylish keyboard has been designed keeping in mind the ever-changing trends of the market. For touchpad style keyboards, rackmount keyboards come with padded wrist rests. One of its remarkable features is the metallic locking side rails. The locking feature prevents the movement of keyboard when in use. These are easily adjustable, lockable and are extremely light. Compatible with a variety of operation systems, these keyboards are installed and accessed effortlessly. One will find it as the most cost effective solution as it consumes less power.

What’s more to it?
Another notable feature worth mentioning here is its adaptability. It can be easily secured in a standard 19” server rack. And guess what? Rackmount keyboards provide the option of more than one language selection too! Pretty cool.
Rackmount Keyboard with integrated KVM Switch enable IT users to access up to 128 servers as they can be daisy chained together. A flat screen Rackmount LCD monitor can be placed with this keyboard in the same server rack if needed. The shelf saving feature clears up the rack in no time also preventing from any sort of theft.

In a Nutshell
Owing to its many features, such as low power consumption, limited space, lightweight and easy to handle; the Rackmount Keyboard is becoming a new rage of tech town among business facilities, military training services and especially IT industries. It is sturdy, compact and durable, which makes it the best choice for its consumers. If you want to invest smart, upgrade your IT gadgets to the latest trends and get Rackmount Keyboard today!

KVMSwitchTech is a global supplier of Rackmount Keyboard and Mouse technology. Headquartered near Cleveland, Ohio, the company is built on a strong core of dedicated people who have combined experience of multiple decades with KVM equipment. Their courteous staff can be reached through email and phone(866-865-7737) with no need to navigate frustrating phone menus. They are readily available and very capable of helping plan a project from start to finish.

8×8 HDMI Matrix Switchers for Installations That Require Higher Flexibility and Expansion

While 4×2 and 4×4 HD Matrix Switchers are usually sufficient for SOHO installations, integrators and installers for larger enterprise and hospitality operations frequently find that their needs exceed the limits of 4 HD sources and 4 HD displays. An 8×8 HDMI Matrix can provide a great middle ground for installations that require flexibility and expandability in their presentation options.

Among some of the great features available in larger matrix switchers are the standard IR remote controls, push button control, RS232 integration, but also remote control through a TCP/IP interface. 8×8 HDMI matrix switches generally see installations with displays much more widely dispersed which can lead to the need for HDMI extenders. Several models are available with integrated HDBaseT extenders for each output. This allows the HDTV or projector to be located as much as 100 meters (330ft) from the matrix switch. Some of the 8×8 HDMI Router Matrix units with HDBaseT support come with HDMI and HDBaseT outputs allowing the ports to be mirrored for a maximum of 16 outputs. Each HDBaseT receiver also includes a local zoning remote for switching sources. The newest version of these Matrix units comes with 4Kx2K and 3D video as well as providing Audio Return Channel support and S/PDIF audio outputs for interfacing with surround sound systems.

4×4 HDMI Matrix Switches from KVMSwitchTech

When it comes to technology, not everybody requires a lot of power from their switches. Some only need a small hub for their own personal use. Or maybe they simply do not have a large budget for a more powerful video matrix. Fortunately, does offer a great alternative in our lineup of video matrix switchers.

Who Should Buy HDMI Matrix Switchers
The 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher is the best option for individuals, homes, and small businesses. Possessing many of the features present in the larger varieties, such as HDMI compatibility, push buttons, RS232 control, and a high definition LCD display, this category of matrix switchers is ideal for entry level businesses as well as personal use for its economy.

What It Does
Each 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher is focused on three things: economy, power, and ease of use. Most 4×4 switchers start at around $399 USD but can go up to much higher levels as more features are introduced. However, for their size they are quite powerful, capable of transmitting HD 1080p resolution videos just like their industrial-size counterparts. What makes them different, however, is their more basic functionality. They are easier to understand for the layman than the larger varieties, making them a great tutorial piece for IT managers to learn the ropes before the business expands enough to warrant a larger HDMI video switcher.

Check This One Out!

4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch with 3D Support and RS232 Control 1U Rackmount Image

4×4 HDMI Matrix Switch with 3D Support and RS232 Control 1U Rackmount

Our best deal is capable of all this and much more. It has seen the widest use in the education, data center, supermarket, and information distribution industries as it can be easily understood by people who may not be overly familiar with the technology. This 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher is also ideal for digital signage, conference presentations, and for small offices and homes. A successful YouTube channel would benefit greatly from this type of switcher as it can allow the production crew to see the video and make notes about where to make edits as the action takes place.

Order 4×4  HDMI Matrix Switchers Online- Ask For KVMSwitchTech                               Check out the complete list of our 4×4 HDMI Matrix Routers on and then contact one of our representatives who can give you more information about the great technology we offer. We are ready and willing to make your shopping experience a pleasant one as you invest in your video distribution future.

A Rackmount LCD for Every Workspace

Every IT professional knows how valuable space is. Small workspaces can pile up with necessary peripherals, notes, and tools, leaving little room for one of the biggest workspace necessities: screens. Large screens compete for valuable desk space, and with some industry professionals needing multiple screens, it gets even harder to manage. This is why space-saving multipurpose rackmounts are such an integral part of IT workplaces around the country. Their unique structures have long been used to store servers, audio/visual equipment, switches and other computing modules, and this same efficient storage solution provides the answer you need with KVMSwitchTech’s wide line of rackmount LCD screens.

RP-W119 Cyberview 1U 19

RP-W119 Cyberview 1U 19″ WideScreen Rackmount LCD Monitor Drawer

What’s in the Rack?

No matter what section of IT you work in, you’re sure to find a module that mounts perfectly into a rackmount. Standard 1U racks have a span of 19 inches and have holes on the front and back that can be used to bolt various modules in place, allowing for a customizable storage solution. Like many rackmount modules, KVMSwitchTech’s rackmount LCD screens are part of a drawer-style module, meaning they can be slid in and out of a 1U rack as need dictates. The screens fold flat to fit in the drawer, but can be flipped to face outward, flush with the front of the rack. If the user decides to install these racks on a clear front, users can open the screen and view them easily.

Features of KVMSwitchTech’s Rackmount LCD Monitors and its Usage in IT Industry:-

KVMSwitchTech’s rackmount LCD screens offer a great solution when you need an extra screen occasionally, but can’t justify clearing regular space for one. They’re perfect for jobs like data monitoring or information retrieval, but can also be customized for touch screen functionality, multi-window display, multiple A/V inputs and much more, making it incredibly versatile. Plus, Rack LCD screens feature convenient plug-and-play functionality, so you won’t have to install new software to make them work. Rackmount LCDs are convenient, adaptable, will save you space, and are cost-effective, which is why IT professionals around the country continue to use them.

It’s easier than ever to order rackmount LCD monitors for your workspace rack, thanks to online ordering at Offering phone and email support, great prices, same day shipping and a knowledgeable staff, KVMSwitchTech is the one-stop shop for all your rackmount hardware needs.

DVI Extender solutions from

When you are running a large enterprise, sometimes it can be difficult to unify every monitor on the floor in the same vision. Sometimes, you need a device which will allow you to present the same image you are seeing on your monitor to a different monitor hundreds, even thousands, of feet away. If you require this kind of power to increase your range, you should look into purchasing a DVI extender.

What Do They Do?
Extenders, especially unshielded Cat5 DVI extenders, are particularly useful tools for increasing the range of your business’s video capabilities. They enable you to connect your computer monitor to every other monitor on the floor over a single UTP cable. Operating on a point-to-point basis, they always come in pairs: one to transmit data from your monitor and one to receive at the other end of the UTP.

Perks of using a DVI Extender
DVI video extenders can be used with either Cat5 or Cat6 cable; and although Cat6 extenders are more powerful, as they are capable of higher resolution, the Cat5 option is not to be underestimated. It can extend a video network up to 220 feet for either Cat5 or Cat6 unshielded cables. The DVI extender can also be combined with a DVI Matrix Switch, which relays the same image to multiple locations, and a DVI Splitter unit, which allows for two monitors to perform the same task, for even more complicated tasks, fusing a number of computers into a versatile video network. Many CAT5 DVI extenders are used in multimedia and advertising, as the same image can be displayed on multiple surfaces without a loss in quality or data. Some other areas where a DVI extender can be utilized are in the surveillance industry and for large conferences.

Ask About Us
CAT5 DVI extenders can range in price anywhere from $300 to nearly $1000 depending on feature set, extension distance and its transmission capabilities. Check out our listings at KVMSwitchTech to find out more information about CAT5 DVI extenders and see for yourself which ones work best for you.

Remember: A company is only as good as the network it keeps for itself. Don’t let your spatial limitations (or over extensions, as it were) affect the performance of your video and multimedia network. Contact now and find out how we can help you. Call us at 866-865-7737.

Types of Rackmount Keyboards

A rackmount keyboard drawer is a single unit housing a keyboard and a touchpad or trackball mouse in one self-contained unit. These rack mount keyboards usually come standard as part of a KVM unit, and are used because they lower the space requirement to get one of these systems set up. Some rack keyboards come with integrated KVM switches allowing them to interface with a wide number of different interfaces without having to depend on an external KVM switch.

Rackmount keyboard units provide a new realm of mobility and portability in computers and this has led to an overall change in the paradigm of how people consider mobile computing. There are multiple types of rackmount keyboards available, depending on your needs.

KVMSwicthTech’s rackmount keyboard usually comes with a combo USB and PS2 connector for ease of interface with other peripherals. This dual connectivity method makes it easy to disconnect and reconnect the rack mount keyboard to another peripheral. The USB plug-and-play compatibility can even allow for hot swapping the connection without having to restart the machine for detection.

In addition to this, there are a wide number of switches that may be used in conjunction with the 1U rackmount keyboard tray. There are drawers that come with integrated PS2 KVM connectivity, USB connectivity, IP and Cat5 KVM switches, and switches that connect to multiple combinations of these connections. The possibilities for connection are endless.

Rackmount keyboards are usually designed in two basic layouts. A clam-shell design is where the display has a hinge at the rear, allowing it to fold over the keyboard for protection and storage. The shorter installed depth is definitely a plus. The lay-flat design adds hinges to the front edge along the display allowing it to fold back. The deep installation allows for the entire 1U to be used for trackball and keyboard depth. Both of these designs add to the low profile layout associated with machines of this type. Manufacturers use both types of designs in their configurations.

Rackmount keyboards allow for a great level of mobility from your computer. With a rackmount keyboard system that is 1U high, you can easily see why many low-profile vendors are opting for using the layouts we have available over others. In order to find the rack mount keyboard that works best for you, you should check us out as soon as possible. You will be impressed with our wide array of 1U keyboard drawers and their connectivity options.