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A Rackmount LCD for Every Workspace

Every IT professional knows how valuable space is. Small workspaces can pile up with necessary peripherals, notes, and tools, leaving little room for one of the biggest workspace necessities: screens. Large screens compete for valuable desk space, and with some industry professionals needing multiple screens, it gets even harder to manage. This is why space-saving multipurpose rackmounts are such an integral part of IT workplaces around the country. Their unique structures have long been used to store servers, audio/visual equipment, switches and other computing modules, and this same efficient storage solution provides the answer you need with KVMSwitchTech’s wide line of rackmount LCD screens.

RP-W119 Cyberview 1U 19

RP-W119 Cyberview 1U 19″ WideScreen Rackmount LCD Monitor Drawer

What’s in the Rack?

No matter what section of IT you work in, you’re sure to find a module that mounts perfectly into a rackmount. Standard 1U racks have a span of 19 inches and have holes on the front and back that can be used to bolt various modules in place, allowing for a customizable storage solution. Like many rackmount modules, KVMSwitchTech’s rackmount LCD screens are part of a drawer-style module, meaning they can be slid in and out of a 1U rack as need dictates. The screens fold flat to fit in the drawer, but can be flipped to face outward, flush with the front of the rack. If the user decides to install these racks on a clear front, users can open the screen and view them easily.

Features of KVMSwitchTech’s Rackmount LCD Monitors and its Usage in IT Industry:-

KVMSwitchTech’s rackmount LCD screens offer a great solution when you need an extra screen occasionally, but can’t justify clearing regular space for one. They’re perfect for jobs like data monitoring or information retrieval, but can also be customized for touch screen functionality, multi-window display, multiple A/V inputs and much more, making it incredibly versatile. Plus, Rack LCD screens feature convenient plug-and-play functionality, so you won’t have to install new software to make them work. Rackmount LCDs are convenient, adaptable, will save you space, and are cost-effective, which is why IT professionals around the country continue to use them.

It’s easier than ever to order rackmount LCD monitors for your workspace rack, thanks to online ordering at Offering phone and email support, great prices, same day shipping and a knowledgeable staff, KVMSwitchTech is the one-stop shop for all your rackmount hardware needs.