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4×4 HDMI Matrix Switches from KVMSwitchTech

When it comes to technology, not everybody requires a lot of power from their switches. Some only need a small hub for their own personal use. Or maybe they simply do not have a large budget for a more powerful video matrix. Fortunately, does offer a great alternative in our lineup of video matrix switchers.

Who Should Buy HDMI Matrix Switchers
The 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher is the best option for individuals, homes, and small businesses. Possessing many of the features present in the larger varieties, such as HDMI compatibility, push buttons, RS232 control, and a high definition LCD display, this category of matrix switchers is ideal for entry level businesses as well as personal use for its economy.

What It Does
Each 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher is focused on three things: economy, power, and ease of use. Most 4×4 switchers start at around $399 USD but can go up to much higher levels as more features are introduced. However, for their size they are quite powerful, capable of transmitting HD 1080p resolution videos just like their industrial-size counterparts. What makes them different, however, is their more basic functionality. They are easier to understand for the layman than the larger varieties, making them a great tutorial piece for IT managers to learn the ropes before the business expands enough to warrant a larger HDMI video switcher.

Check This One Out!

4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch with 3D Support and RS232 Control 1U Rackmount Image

4×4 HDMI Matrix Switch with 3D Support and RS232 Control 1U Rackmount

Our best deal is capable of all this and much more. It has seen the widest use in the education, data center, supermarket, and information distribution industries as it can be easily understood by people who may not be overly familiar with the technology. This 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher is also ideal for digital signage, conference presentations, and for small offices and homes. A successful YouTube channel would benefit greatly from this type of switcher as it can allow the production crew to see the video and make notes about where to make edits as the action takes place.

Order 4×4  HDMI Matrix Switchers Online- Ask For KVMSwitchTech                               Check out the complete list of our 4×4 HDMI Matrix Routers on and then contact one of our representatives who can give you more information about the great technology we offer. We are ready and willing to make your shopping experience a pleasant one as you invest in your video distribution future.

2×2 HDMI Video Wall with Instaport Feature Is A Must Buy for HD Video Wall Applications

While working with a customer to redesign their corporate office lobby I had the opportunity to try a new Video Wall Unit. Normally, when customers specify a device, I am hesitant and the VW-HDMI-4P was no exception. In my experience video walls can be touchy and the bells and whistles that they promise never seem to materialize.

4x4 HDMI Matrix with instaport feature and 2x2 HDMI Video Wall Processor Image

4×4 HDMI Matrix with instaport feature and 2×2 HDMI Video Wall Processor

The VW-HDMI-4P claims to be a 2×2 HDMI video wall processor with an integrated 4×4 HDMI Matrix Switch and Instaport switching. After un-boxing and setting it up, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Instaport switching really did manage to switch sources from one display to the next without a noticeable disruption on the image. After running through some further simple settings I was able to remotely manage the VW-HDMI-4P using what was a straightforward and intuitive web GUI. I made few bezel corrections and the video wall stretched and ran smoothly.

My Experience: All in all it was an impressive and pleasant experience that the customer will undoubtedly enjoy for years.